The Coffee Kingdom

The Coffee Kingdom TCK was founded in 2017 to supply the local market in Qatar with a premium and speciality coffee. Since the establishment, TCK has built a strong relationship with raw coffee supplier around the globe to source the Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Librica. TCK implemented a methodology to support small and medium businesses by providing a Private Labelling (white Label).

  • Premium Arabic Coffee

    Premium Blonde Arabic Coffee

    Premium Blonde with Cardamom

    Premium Medium Arabic Coffee

    Premium Dark Arabic Coffee

  • Premium Turkish Coffee

    Premium Blonde Turkish Coffe

    Premium Medium Turkish

    Premium Medium with Cardamom

    Premium Dark Turkish

  • Speciality International Coffee

    Speciality Medium Ground

    Speciality Dark Ground

    Speciality Med-Dark Ground

    Speciality Medium Roasted Beans

    Speciality Dark Roasted Beans

    Speciality Med-Dark Roasted Beans